Arizona State University's

Resilient Infrastructure Laboratory

Creating insights for managing and designing resilient infrastructure in the Anthropocene

Laboratory Initiatives

Developing new insights and applying findings to practice.


Rethinking infrastructure as complex systems in an era of accelerating, uncertain, and non-stationary environments and needs.


Understanding and mitigating person-based heat exposure. Simulating city-wide behavior, infrastructure, and environmental conditions to characterize and reduce temperature-related risk.


Understanding and improving the reliability of water distribution networks to aging and climate change.


Creating new approaches for understanding the vulnerability or transportation networks to wildfires and post-wildfire debris flows.

SyNF: Synthetic Infrastructure

Synthesizing coupled water and power distribution networks at urban scales.


Accelerating resilience thinking through coupled social, ecological, and technological systems and complexity.


Characterizing military base infrastructure resilience to aging, climate change, and kinetic attacks.


Developing realtime flood detection and reporting technologies for roadways.


Supporting research and network building globally.

Researchers in the Resilient Infrastructure Lab support several capacity building initiatives aimed at accelerating how infrastructure is designed and managed in the Anthropocene. These include:


The Urban Resilient to Extreme Events Sustainability Research Network supports urban transitions that are resilient by virtue of their flexible, adaptable, socially equitable, and ecologically based infrastructure in the face of extreme events, more culturally diverse communities, and continued urbanization pressure.
ASU Metis Center

The Metis Center for Infrastructure and Sustainable Engineering seeks to provide the basis for understanding, designing and managing the complex integrated built/human/natural systems that increasingly characterize our planet in the Anthropocene.
Infrastructure Misfits

The Misfits are an informal society of infrastructure experts committed to transforming how we approach the provision of services in a future defined by acceleration and uncertainty.

ASU's Laboratory for Energy And Power Solutions creates technical and business solutions that facilitate the global transition to a resilient low-carbon economy.

Lab Director

ASU's Resilient Infrastructure Laboratory is managed by Prof. Mikhail Chester. See each project page for team member contact information.

Mikhail Chester